Lamar County Internet Service Provider

Lamar Point Texas

The Lamar Point tower is one of the latest additions giving consumers on the south side of Pat Mayse access to fast and reliable internet. This tower was completed in March of 2012 and is located is just off FM 1500 near the lake. Just fill out the form on the right to get your free site survey started today! All accounts come standard with Free email accounts, Free Internet Tech Support 24 X 7, Free Online Bill Payment, no term contracts and no data caps!

 Download Speed MonthlyStandard
Installation & Equipment
 3 Meg $37.95 $262.00
 5 Meg Coming Soon  $262.00
 7 Meg Coming Soon  $262.00

* Download speeds may vary due to distance from tower. Some locations do not have all listed speeds available.

Biardstown, TXBlossom, TXBrookston, TX
Clardy, TXFaught, TXHopewell, TX
Lamar County, TXLamar Point, TXNovice, TX
Paris, TXPowderly,TXReno, TX
Slabtown, TXSumner, TX 

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